The Biting School is a company of brothers Arash and Aryo Khakpour with backgrounds in Dance and theatre. The company has been present at Dancing on the Edge Festival for the past 3 years, as well as Dance in Vancouver, Dance days Festival in Victoria and continues to explore new ways to share its concerns, questions and creations with its community.

Drawing from histories, myths, and philosophical inquiries, The Biting School explores social dynamics, historical roots, and political issues on a physical and visceral level. The company aims to translate the anxiety, the grotesque, the trauma, and the beautiful of our time into the language of the flesh. The Biting School creates works that are ethically engaging, physically demanding, theatrically bold, and rhythmically humorous.


The company was founded as a meeting ground for dance, theatre and performance art.


Friends say...

The biting school is in my throat.
The biting school is being disciplined harshly and publicly by your teacher in front of the class.
The biting school is also philosophical revolution.
The biting school is the name of the newest Hollywood comedy starring Liv Tyler.
The biting school is new and curious.
The biting school is musical more than theatrical.
The biting school is memorable.
The biting school sticks to the lining of my skull.
The biting school is goo candy sweet.
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